Community & Conservations

Zambia’s eastern province lies the magnificent Luangwa Valley previously called the Valley of the Elephants.  Decades later after poaching has taken many of the animals but combined efforts of conservation and preserve the valley’s natural resources have been put in place. Luangwa is becoming Zambia’s key national park and one of the only parks with an enduring stable elephant population.

However, like all areas rich in wildlife, where tourism and economic growth is thriving, accompanying cascading adverse effects resulting from an increase in local businesses, better livelihoods and bringing about the encroaching human population is a reality. An apparent effect is a massive increase in poaching for bushmeat and ivory, fighting the increasing battle against poaching, human-wildlife conflict, encroachment, habitat loss and at the same time supporting sustainable community development.

Human-Elephant conflict mitigation

To further reduce contempt for wildlife within the local community specifically that of elephants, Absolute Zambia Safaris helps to strengthen chili program as a means of mitigating human-elephant conflict. Farming along the Luangwa River and its tributaries adjacent to the national park is increasing, despite the apparent fighting with elephants.  Efforts to convince farmers to grow uneatable crops such as chili as an alternative crop to maize and vegetables are slowly affecting. Absolute Zambia Safaris also helps designed the chili farming project so that the purchase of chili by Absolute Zambia Safaris directly linked to farmers who are using the chili fence and chili blasting techniques as a mitigation method. The chili is then sold on to Rivonia Farms in Lusaka who commercially produce chili sauce products.

Conservation Education

Our inspiring and comprehensive conservation education programmes create new meaning and value to wildlife and the environment for local children and young people. We hope that these programmes inspire the young people of the area to be active conservationists and enable them to make the changes that are needed to sustain livelihoods, preserve wildlife and protect the physical environment long into the future.

Gender Awareness Programme

Our Gender Awareness Programme complimented Absolute Zambia Safaris Gender Policy implement through our program design.  We also use it as a benchmark for managing our staff and management. Besides, the Gender Awareness Programme enhances the Absolute Zambia Safaris Conservation Programme. Developed to guarantee all our education in gender equality and encourages respect for all among the students and communities we work with. Each month the students in our Senior and Junior Conservation clubs engage in a gender-based activity that emphasizes equal rights regardless of gender and respect and value people of the opposite sex as their equals in all viewpoints of their lives.

Scientific Research

Absolute has made close ties and links with many scientific research organizations, and individuals worldwide. To help them by offering logistical support and practical advice for scientific, archaeological and paleontological research in the area.

Pupil Sponsorship Scheme

Absolute Zambia Safaris runs a Pupil Sponsorship Scheme for orphaned and vulnerable students from primary through to tertiary level. We also support some disabled and sick children by providing appropriate medical treatment and equipment. We also strive to help out families in communities with food and some clothes.