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We acknowledge the fact that conservation is achieved, only when the local community understands, accepts, and appreciates the reasons why wildlife is or should be conserved.

Zambia is stern where, conservation of wildlife is concerned, and Absolute Zambia Safaris works with partners that are fully involved and appreciate community and conservation. Absolute Zambia Safaris works with the likes of Tour operators, Hotels, Lodges who help support the community.

We as Absolute Zambia Safaris, also recognize the disabled and sick children by providing appropriate medical treatment and equipment, also in Pupil sponsorship Schemes for orphaned and vulnerable pupils from Primary school, all through Tertiary level, which is key to Tourism Development in Zambia.

Through projects such as, College and University Sponsorships, anti-poaching projects, support and building on local schools among other projects by supporting and working with only partners that are involved in that initiatives.



Absolute Zambia Safaris is an active supporter and is involved in the Gender Awareness Programme through its partners. This is also very much practised within our management of staff as a benchmark.

The Gender Awareness Programme enhances Wildlife Conservation, also it helps educate the community on Gender equality, Gender-based activities, and in general, emphasizes on the equal rights and values of women.

We are very much involved and support Conservation education, which is done through Inspiration and Comprehensive conservation education programmes that creates new meaning and value to wildlife and the environment for local children and young people.

We hope that these programmes inspire the young local people of the area to be active conservationists and enable them to make the changes that are needed to sustain livelihoods, preserve wildlife and protect the physical environment long into the future.



To further reduce contempt for wildlife within the local community specifically that of elephants, Absolute Zambia Safaris offers support by working with Safari and Tour Operators in the respective wildlife area to strengthen programs that mitigating human-elephant conflict.

For Example, Farming along the Luangwa River and its tributaries adjacent to the national park is increasing, despite the apparent fighting with elephants.

Efforts to convince farmers to grow uneatable crops such as chili as an alternative crop to maize and vegetables are slowly affecting. The projects also offer help to design the chili farming project so that the purchase of chili is directly linked to farmers who are using the chili fence and chili blasting techniques as a mitigation method.

The chili is then sold on to Rivonia Farms in Lusaka who commercially produce chili sauce products.

Another amazing project done by our partner Zikomo Safari Camp is  THE BEEHIVE – The innovative beehive fence project protects rural African farms from crop-raiding elephants.

They recently constructed a functional prototype beehive fence design in Kawaza village utilizing the Elephants and Bees beehive fence construction manual.

Villagers requested it to be installed in the center of town and are proud to be known as the first village in Zambia to be part of this project. Almost 100 meters worth of beehive fencing has been built so far at a site bordering a hard-hit crop field on the outskirts of town which were selected by tracking elephant routes leading directly into the village.

Our Clients that are interested to visit this project, Absolute Zambia Safaris gladly makes arrangements for the tour and our driver picks up clients staying in South Luangwa National Park at no cost, you will be given a tour of the following projects; 1) Working with rangers for enforcement and deterrence, 2) Local conservation education targeted at the youth and 3) Economic alternatives such as bee-keeping.

The only thing we encourage our clients is to leave a donation that will go towards the same initiative.

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