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ZOMBA PLATEAU is unique. A slab of a mountain over 6000ft (1800m), it has vast tracts of cedar, pine, and cypress but elsewhere the vegetation is wild and mixed. Streams crisscross the plateau top, and there are tumbling waterfalls and still lakes. There are drivable tracks right around the head from which are views of such splendor.  , there is always something to see whether walking or driving. Wildlife includes leopards, although sightings are rare. More evidence is giant butterflies and, on the lower slopes, baboons. Birdlife includes the long-crested eagle and the augur buzzard.

Accommodation on the plateau comprises a luxury hotel, the famous Sunbird Ku Chawe, set at the very end of the mountain; and a large camping site. Nearby the cozy Zomba Forest Lodge offers an alternative ‘off the grid’ stay. Fly-fishing for trout is possible in the season, and horse riding is possible.

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