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Windhoek being the capital city of Namibia, it is located in the country’s central regions. In the south of the capital city, the sprawling Heroes’ Acre war memorial stands to commemorate Namibia’s independence from 1990. The 1890s Alte Feste are on a hilltop in the city center, a former military headquarters with historical exhibits, and Independence Memorial Museum. Colonial influences are visible in nearby buildings like the sandstone Lutheran Christus Church.
Near the church are the Tintenpalast, seat of Namibia’s government, and the Parliament Gardens, with a bowling green. Just west, past leafy Zoo Park, the Post Street Mall shopping walkway has a meteorite display. North is the Owela Museum of natural history and ethnography. The nearby National Art Gallery of Namibia showcases works by local artists. The TransNamib Museum, in Windhoek Railway Station, explores the country’s transport history. Northwest is the diverse Katutura suburb, with its markets and local taverns known as shebeens. Farther west, Daan Viljoen Game Reserve is home to kudu, mountain zebras and rich birdlife.

Visit Christ Church, Windhoek (Christuskirche in Windhoek)

One of the well-known Windhoek’s monuments is the recognizable church. Located up from Windhoek Zoo Park, it can be seen on the Windhoek city tours from far distances.
The German Lutheran Congregation in Windhoek was constructed on 20 January of 1896. Services were conducted at the beginning in the church hall of the parsonagechristus dedicated on 1st November 1896. The idea to build a church had always been considered. A site was earmarked in early 1898 and even maps were made in 1900 by Government designer Redecker but wars and conflicts at the beginning of the century delayed the continuation of the project.
The construction of the church started in 1907. The top of the hill was chosen because it is visible from long distances. The name "Church of Christ" was chosen to symbolize an idea of peace. The construction was finilized at a cost of 360 000 German marks which was over the double of what was initially estimated. The activities were supervised by Redecker who drew the plans. The only local material used was the sandstone extracted in neighborhood of current Avis dam. A small railway line was build to connect it to the construction site. The arcade made up of Carrara marble was shipped from Italy while roof details, clock and other materials were imported from Germany. Finally, the church was consecrated on 16 October 1910.

Daan Viljoen Game Reserve

Daan Viljoen National Park – In Central Namibia
The game park is home to a moderately wide community of game classes standard of Namibia’s mountains and is also very attractive for birds watching as more than 200 species have been registered in the area. The game park is a convenient location and the bounty of wildlife makes it the perfect layover for guests who like to experience the calmness of the bush.
Accommodation: Comprises of fully equipped luxury bungalows, economy huts equipped with kettle and fridge or camping and picnic sites.


Rivendell Guest House, Hotel pension Moni, Windhoek Country Club Resort.

Alte Feste
The Alte Feste is a museum and fortress in the town of the capital of Namibia, Windhoek.
The structure was designed by Captain Curt von Francois and was intended to serve as the base of the majestic German Schutztruppe (colonial military force) during German establishment in South West Africa. The location of Windhoek was chosen because the Germans felt it would serve as a buffer zone between the Nama and Herero tribes, even though it was deserted and completely destroyed at that time.
The foundation was laid on 18th October 1890 by then Schutztruppe private Gustav Tunsche! The facility was redesigned multiple times during the first years of that same year. Its final draft got finished in 1915. It contained an inner yard with high barriers and benevolence for the troops inside. Alte Feste is the oldest building standing in the city.

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