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A particular Wildlife Destination in Malawi, help preserve and protect Malawi’s wildlife support by visiting and waiting in one of Malawi’s preserved areas, run by African parks. Majete Wildlife Reserve is a unique conservation and tourist destination for all guests. The incredible success story of recovery and restoration and the continued strength of endangered species have led Majete to become of the famous reserve in Malawi.

Where is Majete Wildlife reserve?
Majete Wildlife Reserve is found in the lower Shire valley in the South West of Malawi, approximately 70kms from Blantyre’s Chileka international airport only three hours from Lake Malawi.

The story of Majete Wildlife Reserve
Majete was once a fertile wildlife refuge but the late 1990’s most species of large game, including elephant, had been destroyed. Remnant communities of a few resilient species remained, but they had been reduced to very low, and in some cases critical numbers. Law enforcement teams were ill-equipped and underfunded, illegal invasion, agriculture, and hardwood lumbering were all happening inside the park, and the resource was reducing. In 2003, African Parks Majete (APM) a non-profit organization, in partnership with the Malawian government and local populations, took total accountability for the rehabilitation and long-term management of the reserve. The reconstruction of Majete has included significant infrastructure development, wildlife restocking and a complete overhaul of the law enforcement and accurate monitoring.

APM has also involved positively with local people and has made a significant addition to fostering cooperative relations with the surrounding communities. A range of community outreach projects has been launched with donor support and continue to generate positive working relations with Majete’s neighbors and generate much-needed income for the community.

In the last five years, APM has focused on tourism development and made essential achievements in pursuance of its goal to restore, develop and enhance the management of Majete Wildlife Reserve as a potential tourist destination.

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