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12 Days Wildlife Safari & Likumbi Lya Mize Festival

OUR SAFARIS12 Days Wildlife Safari & Likumbi Lya Mize Festival

12 Days

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Lusaka - South Luangwa National Park - Zambezi - Lusaka (Zambia)


  •     South Luangwa National Park
  •     Game Drives & Walking Safari
  •     Cultural experience with Likumbi Lya Mize is a traditional ceremony
  •     Explore Zambia Safaris and Cultural Tour

Cresta Golfview Hotel – Lusaka

Cresta Golfview Hotel Lusaka has 78 air-conditioned bedrooms. The Lusaka Hotel boasts four spacious Conference Facilities that can accommodate up to 300 delegates. When in Lusaka come to stay at the luxurious, yet affordable Cresta Golfview Hotel. Cresta Golfview Hotel is located near the airport as well as the Central Business District (CBD). The Cresta Golfview Hotel Lusaka has 78 air-conditioned, en-suite rooms, and of course, offers free Wi-Fi. The Golfview hotel boasts four spacious Conference Facilities and two Executive Boardrooms that can accommodate up to 300 delegates. For all your functions in Lusaka, whatever the occasion.

Cresta Golfview Hotel provides Airport transfer services. And, as with all Cresta properties, a pleasant stay. A home away from home. The University of Zambia, Manda Hill Shopping Centre and Arcades Entertainment Centre are only 5 minutes away. Cresta Golfview Hotel in Lusaka is a fully licensed hotel with a 24-hour front desk.

PLEASURE: Chatters Restaurant, Chatters Cocktail Bar, Coffee Bar & Lounge, Swimming Pool & Children's Pool

ACCOMMODATION: Room Service, Satellite TV, Tea / Coffee Making Facilities, Air-Conditioned Rooms

Zikomo Safari Camp - South Luangwa National

Zikomo Safari is in Zambia, across the river from South Luangwa National Park. It is set amidst an ancient valley filled with diverse African wildlife. This peaceful Eco Hotel in the African bush offers spacious accommodations: comfortable handcrafted chalets, or if you are self-driving, an expansive campground on the riverbank.  A central Main Hall offers a fine restaurant, bar and gathering place overlooking the swimming pool and the sprawling flood plains of the tranquil hippo filled Luangwa River.

Only a forty-five (45) minute drive from Mfuwe International Airport, this affordable Eco Hotel is in an area away from other safari lodges, camps, and accommodations.  Zikomo Safari is spread under a canopy of ageless shade trees on the banks of the Luangwa River.  Its placement in the isolated Nsefu sector allows guests immediate access to one of the least crowded and most wildlife-rich areas in the world.

Whether you choose a driving tour to view the abundant wildlife (game drive), an exciting bush walk with a trained armed scout, a call on the local village for some tribal culture, or time out simply relaxing in a hammock, your visit will amaze you.

Zikomo Safari is the perfect setting for your Zambian Photo and Wildlife Viewing Safari.

Royal Kuthachika Lodge (LIKUMBI LYA MIZE)

The Makishi (the singular is Likishi) are masked characters, each with its own distinctive dancing styles, from the graceful to the funny and acrobatic. Most characters are from Luvale mythology but some are based on modern-day situations.

Examples include Munguli the hyena, Ngaji, an elephant dancer who, with his beautifully woven costume, is considered to be the most beautiful of all the Makishi. There is also Likishi Lya Mwana-Pwebo, a crowd puller and perhaps the best known Likishi. Dressed like a girl, he dances on a string tied between two poles.

It is believed that as he is dancing on the string the spirit of his wife is with him. That is why a dancer’s wife will never look up at her husband performing the dance. Only once he is safely back on the ground will she go to meet her husband, at which point her spirit is thought to return to her.

All makishi are dressed in flamboyant masks and costumes, which show off the unique Luvale skill and traditional of intricate mask-making. Women and children are told by their menfolk that the makishi are in fact from the world of the dead.

Praise singers reciting the history of the tribe and the Luvale royalty offer the Luvale a chance to reaffirm social ties and their loyalty to the tribe’s paramount chief.

The people get a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of their chief, who is elaborately clad in colorful robes, wearing his Muchama crown and carrying a fly whisk. The Luvales are one of the peoples who migrated from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Traditionally, they were fishermen and hunters but also, they became one of the first Zambian people to establish trade links with non-Africans. By the eighteenth century, they were trading with Portuguese and Brazilian traders to West Angola.

20th August 2020: Transfer from Lusaka Int Airport to Cresta Golfview Hotel – Lusaka

Upon arrival at Lusaka international airport our driver will be waiting for you and then transfer to Cresta Golfview Hotel where you will spend a night.

21st August 2020: Transfer from Lusaka to Zikomo Safari Camp – South Luangwa National Park

Breakfast in the morning and then transfer of about 9 hrs to Zikomo Safari camp in South Luangwa National Park, if you arrive on time you check in and tea/coffee with snacks and then afternoon/night game drive returning in time for dinner and later bed time.

22nd ,23rd & 24th August 2020: Game Viewing Activities – South Luangwa National Park

Breakfast in the morning followed by morning game drive and then return to the camp in time for lunch and free time to relax. Later in the afternoon you will have afternoon tea/coffee and snacks then afternoon game drive returning to the camp in time for dinner and then bed time.

25th August 2020: Transfer to Cresta Golfview Hotel – Lusaka

Breakfast at Wildlife Camp then the lodge will make some pack lunch for your and then our driver will take you on about 9 hours’ adventure drive through the towns and mountains to Lusaka, check in at Cresta Golfview Hotel and relax.

26th August 2020: Transfer from Lusaka to Zambezi for the Festival

Breakfast at the hotel in Lusaka and preparation to start the journey to Zambezi through Copperbelt route. We will stop for lunch in Solwezi, a mining town, to try the region’s traditional meal: Nshima.

Arrival in Zambezi is at around 18:00pm, with Check in at a local guest house, Guests are advised to make their own dinner arrangements through the restaurant.

27th August 2020: Likumbi Lya Mize

The Likumbi Lya Mize Ceremony is kickstarted by KUVUMBUKA, the resurrection of over 100 Makishi

from the land of the dead. The Luvales believe that the Makishi are not humans, but spirits of them ancestors. Every year, the Makishi resurrect from the Graveyards on the Eastern banks of the mighty Zambezi River and make their way the plains called CHILENDE. During this procession, Business in Zambezi districts comes to a standstill as scores of people line up the streets to have a glimpse of the Makishi Masquerades. The spectacular procession of Makishi displays a diversity of masked characters, each with its own distinct features, personality traits and dancing style, from elegant to the naughty and acrobatic. Most characters are from LUVALE FORKLORE, but some are based on modern day situations. Before proceeding further, some Luvale women called NYATUNDANJI hide gifts called VISWEKA in sandy mounds called LIHANGA.

28th August 2020: Likumbi Lya Mize

The following day, the Makishi and different cultural groups hosts another Chilende called CHILENDE

CHA HAUSEKESEKE, a dance show on the sandy beach of the Zambezi river. This is another remarkable count down to the Likumbi Lya Mize and attracts Makishi from all parts of Zambia. The beautiful sandy beach and waters of the mighty Zambezi river sets the mood for great jubilation. The performances start from midday to sunset and after which the Makishi Proceed to the Mize capital of His Royal Highness Senior Chief Ndungu.

29th August 2020: Mize

The performances continue, this time in the palace from 14:00pm to 18:00pm. This Proceeds to an overnight performance to welcome the official day of the ceremony.

30th August 2020: Mize

After breakfast, we cross the Zambezi river and reach the royal palace arena, where the climax of Likumbi Lya Mize will take place. We will have VIP seats in a vantage position, being personal guests of the Royal Family. Please note that we may have to wait for quite some time in order to allow all the head of states, the politicians and representatives of all tribes to reach the Arena. Therefore, we will have to be patient while waiting for everything to be ready. During the day, there will be many celebrations and rituals that will be explained by your guide. Makishi will enter the arena and kneel in front of their king, while the living will be chanting the praise of the Luvale people. There will be numerous dances by the traditional dancers’, including an animal sacrifice. Lunch and drinks can be bought from the numerous stands next to the arena.

On the actual Mize Day or Likumbi Lya Mize, the ceremony starts with various cultural performances in the main arena by the Luvale speaking people from different parts of Zambia, while most dignitaries invited to the event are already seated in the enclosure awaiting the arrival of His Royal highness Senior chief Ndungu while listening to the royal slit drum. Senior chief Ndungu then makes a grand entry into the main arena on a 3- wheel carriage known as Kalikoki, accompanied by his wife, Lisano. This makes the event colorful and interesting as the people have a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of their chief, clothed in a colorful robe, wearing his Muchama Crown and carrying a fly whisk. At sunset, we will return to the guesthouse for our last night in Zambezi.

31st August 2020: Transfer Back to Lusaka – Cresta Golfview Hotel

Early departure for a transfer of about 9hours to Lusaka, we arrive and check-in at the hotel then

relax before our flight the following day.

1st September 2020: Transfer from Cresta Golfview Hotel to Lusaka International Airport 

Today we have breakfast from our hotel and check out, based on your flight time schedule, you will be

taken to Lusaka International Airport for your outbound flight to wrap up your tour!

Cresta Golfview Hotel – Lusaka

  • 3 Nights ensuite Rooms (Bed & Breakfast)

Zikomo Safari Camp – Kafue National Park

  • 4 Night Ensuite Chalet Accommodation
  • Two Game Viewing Activities Per Full Day (Morning and Night Game Drive Safari)
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Afternoon Tea/Coffee with Snacks)
  • National Park Entry Fees & Conservation Fees
  • Laundry & Wi-Fi Services
  • Government Taxes and Service Charge

Royal Kutachika & Likumbi Lya Mize Annual Festival – Zambezi

  • 5 Night Ensuite Accommodation
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Transportation to/from Lusaka & during the festival and Bottled water


  • All Road Transfers with Bus & Driver services


  • Visa Fees
  • Flights & Travel/Medical Insurance
  • Lunch & Dinner at Cresta Golfview Hotel
  • Lunch at  Royal Kutachika  Lodge in the Zambezi
  • Laundry Service at Cresta Hotel & Royal Kutachika
  • Anything of personal nature



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