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Attraction: Wildlife

Liwonde National Park perhaps the most famous of all the game parks. It is about 100 miles northward of Blantyre,  only half that distance from the hotels on the lakeshore., game viewing is magnified because the River Shire flows along its western border, supporting boat safaris as well as the typical ones on foot or in 4 x4s.

Wildlife includes quite a large number of elephants, and the river attracts countless hippos and crocodiles. Antelope include Kudu, sable, and bushbuck. There are leopards and hyena and the occasional visiting lion. The black rhino re-introduced. Birdlife is exceptionally varied. The river brings fish eagles and weaver birds to build their nests in the small woodland. Pel’s fishing owl is often viewed.

Accommodation is fantastic with the luxury Mvuu Lodge and nearby Mvuu Camp as well as a campsite, all along the Shire’s bank and well inside the park. To reach the riverside lodge, visitors can request by road and then be transported across the river; they can drive into the park or a booked boat from Liwonde town.

Mvuu Lodge
Riverine forests and Romantic palm trees
Mvuu Lodge is an exclusive safari experience with incredible wildlife viewing and birding within the magnificent Liwonde National Park. Service is luxurious and the tents uniquely located amidst the riverine forest.
Mvuu Lodge offers a perfect location on the edge of a lagoon just off the Shire River, the country’s most magnificent river, in the beautiful Liwonde National Park; defined by riverine forests, romantic palm trees, and busy floodplains. Mvuu Wilderness Lodge gives comfortable accommodation and has a mixture of river and birding ventures on offer. The lodge has a large covered boat, perfect for cruising down the river where guests can expect to witness an elephant, hippo, crocodile and waterbird interactions. A dramatic twist on the usual overland safari.

Activities at Mvuu Lodge – Malawi

The region around Mvuu Lodge extends a wide variety of activities including boating trips on the Shire River, early morning and midday and dusk game drives; bush hikes, bike rides, and incredible birding. Guests will also have the possibility to interact with the welcoming local people and enjoy a visit to one of the villages for a cultural encounter. Liwonde National Park is home to the most significant remaining elephant population in the country and one of the only two breeding nuclei of black rhino in Malawi. The Park also has large numbers reedbuck, waterbuck, warthog, and majestic sable, impala.

Mvuu Wilderness Lodge is recognized as one of the best birding camps in Malawi. The birdlife is fantastic year- round and over 300 of the country’s 650 bird species stay such as Bohm’s Bee-eater, Africa Skimmer, Palmnut Vulture, White-backed Night-heron and Dickson’s Kestrel. Others such as Livingstone’s Flycatcher also be spur-winged Lapwing and Pel’s fishing-owl can also be located in the riverine strip while Liwonde is home to the only group of Lilian’s Lovebird in Malawi and also plays host to the occasional Brown-breasted Barbet.

Where to stay

Kuthengo Camp

Located on a broad open plain stretching towards the Shrine River in Liwonde National Park, you will find Kuthengo Camp nestled among  Baobabs and Fever trees and. With native fish eagles nesting in these Baobabs, you will be woken to Africa’s voice’ calling as you rise in this wild paradise. Our four spacious Safari tents each has a bathtub with an outdoor shower.

With all the comforts of a Robin Pope Safari camp, the camp maintains a charm, highlighted by amazing views which are best enjoyed from your private floor with a cold drink in hand, appreciating the herds of waterbuck that are common at the camp area.

The  Liwonde National Park ensures an ultimate sanctuary where you can encounter the many activities on the proposal with complete privacy; from adventuresome game drives, stunning walking safaris or tranquil boat sails along the mighty  Shire River, there is something for everybody.

The Camp

Kuthengo has four large safari tents which are all come with a bathtub and an outdoor shower. The eco-friendly evening breeze air conditioning adds to the comforts of this particular camp. With all the usual amenities of a Robin Pope Safari camp


Game drives:

  • An option of day or night drives.
  • Game viewing vehicles with two-tier seat
  • Open top cars, affording you total 360-degree perception.


  • The walks are guided  by our  guides also accompanied by an armed National Park patrol
  • Our team is very enthusiastic and will undoubtedly impart some fantastic bush insights.
  • Feel at one with nature and get closer to the action, see the details and clues that the animals leave behind.

Seasonal Boating:

A special treat indeed for guests in the Emerald Season

  • From end December and early April
  • Explore the lagoons for enhanced game viewing and birding
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