7 Days Zambia’s Premier Wildlife Safari, South Luangwa National Park

7 days

7 Days Zambia’s Premier Wildlife Safari, South Luangwa National Park
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For most guests, South Luangwa National Park is by far the most effective park to visit in the valley. This is Zambia’s premier wildlife park, with magnificent wildlife and many great cabins. Where the now popular walking safaris originated from over 60 years ago, and this new African destination retains some of the most exceptional world-class safari tour guides.

With so many options for the title of Africa’s excellent game park. The Serengeti, Kruger, Moremi, Amboseli, Ngorongoro Crater, Etosha, and Mana Pools would undoubtedly be high on the table. South Luangwa has a greater claim than most. Some of these other fields will match its extraordinarily high game quantities. Many others junior Africa’s parks will have relatively few visitors. One or two also enable night drives, which open up a different, nocturnal world to view, providing leopards to be commonly seen and even watched while hunting.

However, few have South Luangwa’s high position of guiding collectively with its extraordinary wildlife spectacles, day and night, in the separation of a pure wilderness. These factors, perhaps, are how the contenders must be assessed, and on these the South Luangwa Park gets out around the top of the list.


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