Zimbabwe Safaris

Zimbabwe Overview

The Victoria Falls, the Limpopo and the Zambezi rivers beckon you to a Zimbabwe safari. The holidays we offer allow you to enjoy the pristine natural beauty of this country with top-quality guiding during the safari trip. A vast variety of wildlife is available in the parks in Zimbabwe.

Why Visit Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe boasts infrequent major tourist attractions, Victoria Falls on the Zambezi, which are experienced with Zambia and eight main national parks, the highest of which is Hwange National Park. Some of Africa’s most private wildlife is found in Zimbabwe. Many of the national parks contain the famous Big 5 – Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, and Rhino as well as being world-renowned as a birding goal, with Hwange National Park comprises some of the concentrations of birds on the planet.

There are four different World Heritage Sites announced by UNESCO in Zimbabwe: Mana Pools National Park, Matobos National Park, Victoria Falls, and Great Zimbabwe ruins. Great Zimbabwe ruins found in Masvingo. Other ruins include Khami Ruins, Zimbabwe, DhloDhlo, and Naletale, although none of these is as famous as Great Zimbabwe.

Where To Go In Zimbabwe

A Zimbabwe safari would allow you to see wildlife at the Hwange National Park, which is big game country. There are excellent lodges near the watering holes, allowing you to enjoy wildlife in their natural surroundings. You can go for a canoeing safari in the Mana Pools National Park.

When To Visit Zimbabwe?

A Zimbabwe safari allows you to not only enjoy wildlife safari but also experience the awesome beauty of the Victoria Falls. May to October is the time when you can plan a holiday in Zimbabwe and enjoy its natural beauty and the rich wildlife that it has.

Zimbabwe Travel Advice

Travel Documents

All visitors to Zimbabwe must hold a passport which is valid for at least six months exceeding their expected departure date from Zimbabwe. Guests to southern Africa must ensure they have enough blank VISA pages not support pages in their passports. Our advice is three pages or even four if you are traveling more than one country in your journey. If there is inadequate space in the passport then enter into a state can be refused. Visitors must also hold outward travel records and have sufficient funds for the continuation of their stay.


Visas are the in-charge of the traveler. Those nationalities that are required to have permissions to enter Zimbabwe may have to apply for these before, while others can get these on arrival at any the port of entry. Costs also depend on the country of your passport so please reach us if you are not sure. Zimbabwe has begun an online facility that travelers may use to re-apply for visas. For more information, please visit the website www.evisa.gov.zw

Alternatively, please visit the following website for additional details – bearing in mind that People and Places is not responsible for the content thereof: www.zimbabwe-embassy.us

Please note:

– If visas are needed, please guarantee you have the correct cash amounts available as credit cards and travelers’ cheques are not accepted at immigration.

– You must tell the appropriate official of the total number of days that you are using in Zimbabwe or you may be charged to obtain an extension or additional visa later on.

– If you arrive in Zimbabwe but continue your safari in another country (such as Botswana, Namibia or Zambia) and then return to Zimbabwe, then a double-entry visa must be obtained on arrival from the immigration official. **see Univisa


A Univisa (KAZA Visa) is now possible for people who are visiting both Zambia and Zimbabwe on their travels. it can be used for in Zambia at Harry Mwaanga Airport in Livingstone, Victoria Falls Land Border, Kazungula Land Border in Botswana and Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka. Moreover, in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls Airport, Victoria Falls Land Border, Kazungula Land Border and Harare International Airport.

The visa costs USD50 and serves up to 30 days as long as you remain within Zambia and Zimbabwe. It also covers those who visit Botswana for day trips through the Kazungula borders. It is only available for those countries who can receive visas on arrival in both Zambia and Zimbabwe. In case you need a pre-approved visa for Zambia or Zimbabwe, the Univisa is not applicable to you.


English is the official language. Other widely spoken words are Shona and Sindebele, which also have various dialects and other minority languages.


Headscarf or bandana Sun hater bush hat, especially for dusty dry regions, Golf-shirts, and T-shirts better with sleeves to guard your shoulders against the sun, Long-sleeved cotton shirts, Shorts and skirts; really short skirts are not effective for getting in and out of game drive vehicles.

Equipment and Other

  • Good quality sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Basic Medicine like aspirins, anti-histamine cream, plasters, Imodium, antiseptic cream, and tablets.
  • Binoculars; needed for every safari
  • Torch ; Some camps have no mains power so that night time lighting may be by candle or hurricane lamp, many fields will have flashlights by the bed but better to pack your own.
  • Glasses – if you wear prescription glasses come to with a spare pair. If you wear contact lenses, bring a pair of glasses as well usually dust is a problem.

Camera equipment

This is very personal, but zoom or telephoto lenses are beneficial. Cleaning equipment and a dust proof bag are also necessary. Spare batteries and memory cards are essential.• Visas, tickets, money, credit cards, passports, insurance details.

Many local villagers especially young ones who have received some education will be able to speak English. Most of the all general staff working in the lodges, camps, and hotel can also speak English.

Translators in various languages like German, Italian and French translators, are available when needed and can be arranged through your travel agent. When staying at a private camp or lodge, your guide will be very able to introduce you to his or her friends and family and will act as an interpreter if necessary.


Laundry is done at most camps. This service is generally complimentary. Washes are available at the hotels in major centers and are linen is charged for per hotel rates.


A lot of the camps booked are situated in remote areas, and electricity is generated in many ways. Fields will typically have a generator that runs for about 6 hours per day when guests are out on activities. These generators then charge batteries for an inventory system to provide lights when the generators are switched off. There are only 220v power points in camp. If something runs on 110v, you will need to bring your converter to have your video battery re-charged, which can be done while you are out on an activity. Therefore, please bring spare batteries for use while the other is being charged. These systems are simple and perfectly functional. Electrical plug outlets are not available in most camp rooms, and therefore it is not able to use machines such as hairdryers or electric shavers during your stay there. In major cities electrical devices run on 220/240 volts AC, accessible via 14 amps, square-pinned fused plugs.


Generally, it is common to tip staff a small price if you feel the service has been up to scratch. In a hotel, restaurant or bar, not passing 10%. While staying in safari camps, one is not required to tip staff during the course of your stay but preferably to leave something with the camp manager at the end. As a bench mark, whilst staying in camps, we suggest something in the area of $5 – $10 per visitors per day, but of course, this is solely discretionary and depends on the service you have received.

Drinks Policy

Usually, unless specified in your bid all local drinks are incorporated in the standard Fully Inclusive tariff, but except premium imported brands and champagne. Please refer to your itinerary for precise information.


The country has adopted a multi-currency system as the payment mode. The readily accepted hard currencies are USD, GB Pounds, Euros, and SA Rand, although USD is most common and all goods and services in Zimbabwe are now priced in

USD: Guests are urged to carry their hard money in small denominations for ease of trade.

Credit Cards

Though credit cards are generally not accepted as a form of payment, some hotels will – Visa is most widely accepted, while MasterCard and American Express are less so. Please check with us for specifics before travel.


Zimbabwe sells a wide range of locally made soapstone statues, wooden carvings, and basket ware, crotchet ware, and hand printed African sarong.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

There is a 15 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) levied on most products which are not refundable to visitors.


Visitors may import into Zimbabwe without incurring customs duty, goods up to a value of US$300 per person, inclusive of tobacco, perfume, and gifts and for persons of 18 years of age or older, 5 liters of alcoholic beverages (up to 2 liters of which may be spirits).


Between sixty and seventy percent of Zimbabweans belong to mainstream Christian denominations such as the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Methodist Churches; however, over the years a variety of indigenous churches and groups have emerged from these mainstream denominations.


Zimbabwe is two hours in front of Greenwich Time (GMT), seven hours ahead of Eastern USA time also ten hours ahead of Western USA time.

Tailor-Made Trips

Your itinerary will be 100% tailor-made and designed to your unique requirements.

5 Star Reviews

Highly rated on third party review sites such as Trip Advisor

Responsible Travel

Zambia and Southern Africa is a beautiful place & we want to do our bit to keep it that way.

Our Zimbabwe Safari Itineraries

5 Days

Classic Safari in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Take a safari in largest National Park in Zimbabwe. Hwange is a blend of semi-desert, forest and open savannah and is home to great herds of elephant, big cats and a myriad of plains game. Visit Hwange National Park –… Find out more
10 Days

Mana Pools, Hwange & Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Are you looking for a true adventurer’s Safari? This 10-day Safari is right for you, it will take you to some of the most remote, pristine safari destinations in the heart of Africa. Zimbabwe is very wild and you can… Find out more
10 Days

Classic Zimbabwe Safari

Embark on an extraordinary Zimbabwe adventure with our exceptional 9-night package, offering you the chance to explore three of the country’s top regions. Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Hwange National Park with a 3-night stay at The Hide… Find out more
9 Days

African Wonders Safari Experience

Experience traditional African tribes, diverse and abundant wildlife along with four-river systems of the KAZA Transfrontier Park. Explore the world-renowned water wonderland of the Okavango Delta. Find out more
12 Days

Classic Botswana and Zimbabwe

This spectacular safari takes you to the glittering waters of the Okavango Delta and the predator capital of the world at Moremi, to the banks of the Zambezi River (close to Victoria Falls) and on to the grand Hwange National… Find out more

Recommended Accommodation

Khulu Bush Camp, Dete,

Hwange National Park , Zimbabwe

The beautiful family-owned & run Khulu Bush Camp is set on a private concession of the Date Vlei and overlooks a very productive waterhole. Accommodation is in spacious Ensuite tents on risen decks overlooking the water and the concession. Welcome to Khulu Bush Camp, Hwange National Park’s quintessential luxury safari lodge. Inspired by the breathtaking splendour of its natural surrounds, Khulu Bush Camp reflects Africa’s timeless wonder and natural beauty, providing you with the ultimate and utterly unforgettable safari experience.…
Find out more

Camp Mana,

Mana Pools National Park , Zimbabwe

This rustic unassuming owner run and managed camp is located within Mana Pools National Park close to the Zambezi River. Accommodation is in one of 8 Meru Style Tents all overlooking the river. Camp Mana is a seasonal tented safari camp located on the banks of The Zambezi River in Mana pools, Zimbabwe and is part of a UNESCO world heritage site that is consistently rated amongst the best safari destinations in Africa. This is undoubtedly the best location for…
Find out more

Jacana Gardens Guesthouse,

Harare , Zimbabwe

The lovely owner-run & managed Jacana Gardens Guesthouse is located in the leafy suburbs of Harare in lush gardens. Located not far from the popular ‘Sam Levey’s Village’ Shopping centre and several award-winning restaurants. Enjoy genuine and uncomplicated hospitality at Jacana Gardens Guest Lodge. Our Dutch managed accommodation is situated on a quiet and secure one-acre property within the Golden Triangle of Harare’s northern suburbs. Our Bed & Breakfast is only a 25-minute drive from Harare’s International Airport, 10 minutes…
Find out more

Ilala Lodge,

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The perfect location from which to explore Africa’s adventure capital Ilala Lodge Hotel is a family-run hotel that offers luxury and comfort in the heart of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Nestled in attractive gardens, the well-appointed hotel is a mere eight-minute walk from Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Ilala Lodge Hotel is ideally located and it is very easy for guests to access all the historical sites, restaurants and activities available in Victoria Falls. The…
Find out more

Verney’s Camp,

Hwange National Park

About Verney’s Camp – Verney’s Camp is based in a private concession in the heart of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. The Camp is located at Verney’s Pan, which is situated on a large open floodplain surrounded by teak forest typical of Hwange National Park. The waterhole at Verney’s plays host to numerous animals and is a playground for the famous elephant herds of Hwange. Verney’s Camp is part of the Machaba Safaris group and is built in keeping with…
Find out more

Old Drift Lodge,

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Upstream of the iconic Victoria Falls, on the banks of the Zambezi River, lies Old Drift Lodge. The lodge boasts luxury accommodation overlooking the pristine Zambezi National Park, a mere 7 kilometres from the mighty Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Old Drift Lodge is nestled within a wild paradise frequented by elephants, buffalo, herds of sable, eland, zebra, giraffe, kudu, waterbuck and impala. AMBIENCE – The symphony of birdsong and calls of wildlife create a choir that enraptures all listeners and accompanies…
Find out more
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Why Choose Absolute Zambia Safaris?

Absolute Zambia Safaris is a specialist in bespoke and private safaris in Zambia. Through our large safari operators, we proudly assist our guests in designing custom-made safaris.

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Feedback From Our Previous Clients

Gary V
Gary V
Another perfect holiday We were a party of eight, most of us on a return trip (last one in 2020 - also with Absolute Zambia Safaris) under the expert guidance of Robert. It was again a holiday without a single complaint. Pickups were reliable and punctual, the David Livingstone resort is perfectly located on the banks of the Zambezi with comfortable beds, sumptuous food, an infinity pool, and an unlimited supply of food and drinks on the silent but spacious sunset cruise. Robert (from Absolute Zambia Safaris) dealt with all our changes, additions, amendments, and cancellations with endless patience and understanding. It was a perfect holiday, we will be back. Thank you Absolute Zambia Safaris.
Lisa A
Lisa A
Amazing five-day trip Absolute Safari organised an amazing five-day trip for us which included 2 nights in Mwanfushi safari lodge and 2 nights by Victoria falls. Everything worked out perfectly and Robert was quick on the email, answering and organising according to our wishes. Our driver Brian was excellent and always on time and the price very reasonable. Can highly recommend.
exciting trip at the Lower zambeji National Park It was a wonderful experience. I came to know about absolute Zambia safari from TripAdvisor only. I contacted them and Robert was very nice and every time he answered my email very promptly. It was my solo trip and good that I decided to be a client of the absolute Zambia safari because they arranged everything for me. I just dropped into the plan. In my game drive, I saw almost every animals available in the lower Zambezi national park. it was my three day two night trip. The place named Kianbi safari challet where I stayed during the trip was very peaceful and lovely. I again wish to visit Zambia and if I go, I will choose the same absolute Zambia Safari group.
Florencia S
Florencia S
Amazing experience!! Robert is very professional and his organization and arrangements exceeded every hope we had with our trip. It was just fabulous!!! We did a 2-week trip around Zambia, what a beautiful country!! Thank you again Robert, you did a wonderful work!!
More than I could have hoped for! I didn't know much about Zambia when we were planning our trip, but I had heard wonderful things about South Luangwa National Park. After reading some reviews, I contacted a few agencies in Zambia to plan our trip. Robert Zgozi from Absolute Zambia Safaris was truly amazing -- the entire experience was so much more than we had expected and everything worked out beautifully. Great properties, unbelievable safaris with knowledgeable guides, excellent and almost too plentiful food, I don't have enough superlatives to describe our visit, but I will certainly call on Robert again when I go back to Zambia!
Véritable Afrique Difficile d'imaginer les éléphants qui passent à coté de votre chalet la nuit? Les hippopotames qui broutent l'herbe devant votre chambre? Les singes qui prennent votre dentrifice si la porte est ouverte? Après plusieurs decennies consacrées à la protection des animaux sauvages (période de braconnage de 1970-1990), la Zambie se met à l'écotourisme avec d' excellents standards de services, nourriture, eau potable et confort de chambre. Des simples comprimés contre le paludisme sont conseillés. Les lodges que nous avons visités prennent soin de supprimer le maximum d'insectes possibles pour que les soirées soient bien sans souci. Robert Zgozi nous a organisé un voyage époustouflant (15j) pendant lequel nous avons vu une bonne dizaine de léopards, une vingtaine de lions et lionnes ainsi que d'innombrables d'autres espèces. Notre voyage a traversé quatre parcs (Kafué, South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi et Mosi Oa Tunya ) avec des guides qui étaient de véritables encylopédies de faune et de flore locaux. Nous avons choisi la saison sèche (septembre) pour voir le maximum d'animaux. Ce parcours nous a permis de faire un crochet à Victoria Falls où nous étions suspendus au dessus des chutes dans le Devils Pool. Adrénaline garantie. Par ailleurs, tous les Zambiens que nous avons rencontrés étaient accueillants et souriants. Ce voyage n'était pas donné mais nous le referions bien un jour. Notre groupe familial de 4 adultes partagent plein de souvenirs ensemble grâce à ce voyage. Beaucoup de transits se font en avion car le pays est très grand. Je déconseille vivement les transits entre parc par voiture. Robert Zgozi est Zambien ; il sait communiquer l'amour et la connaissance approfondie qu'il a de son pays. Nous l'avons trouvé sur le site national "Zambian Tourism", Nous vous conseillons ses service si vous souhaitez un voyage clé en main. Merci Robert Zgozi :) Rob NB: La Zambie est un pays anglophone
Fabulous trip to Sth Luangwa We’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to South Luangwa all organised by Robert Zgozi from Absolute Zambia Safaris. I contacted this company as I read it was Zambian owned and I was very impressed by Robert’s speedy replies to my queries. We stayed in 2 different camps which Robert recommended to suit our budget and we weren’t disappointed. Both camps were everything we’d hoped for. We did a combination of chalets and tents with all meals, game drives and transfers included. Robert actually surprised us twice by meeting us at our Lusaka hotel on arrival in Zambia and our return after the trip. We found Robert to be a very friendly, likeable and professional guy who went above and beyond to make sure our trip went smoothly. You can’t go wrong with this company, we will definitely use them again on our next trip to Zambia.
Mubita M
Mubita M
Experiencing South Luangwa I didn’t know what to expect it being my first time in South Luangwa, it was lovely, all of it (the entire experience!). We stayed at Mfuwe lodge and opted for 3 game drives a day, this doesn’t give you a lot of time for sleeping in but all the fresh air and being in the bush, watching all the animals made us feel so refreshed. And don’t get me started on the food!! Absolute Zambia Safaris gave us exactly what we needed and we enjoyed everything bit of it. Their staff is patient and friendly; they take care of every last detail including a range of options to suit your budget. All in all, it was the true definition of a holiday carefree and stress-free and we most certainly will be going back.
The real zambian agency My family and I have just returned from a trip to Zambia. Before booking, as always, I searched for all the best local travel agencies. My choice was Absolute Zambia Safaris. First of all it is one of the few, if not the only one, that is Zambian-owned. So all the staff know perfectly every single area of the country, from the most aware to the most remote. The owner, Mr. Robert Zgozi, has over ten years of experience in the Zambian tourism industry, having worked for top-tier tourism companies, as well as being a lover of unspoiled nature. Before defining the various stages of the journey, Mr. Robert, like a true friend, advised us both the best areas of the country, the best lodges and resorts, and all flight connections. Having traveled extensively in Africa for more than 10 years, I know perfectly well the difficulties of organizing transfers, of finding the best accommodations for the budget available. Robert and his staff have been able to organize any type of activity with extreme professionalism. The organization has always been perfect. All the staff interested in our trip were always present as soon as we reached an airport, a lodge. We didn't have to think about anything but enjoying the beautiful nature and the people of Zambia. Although our international flight (from Italy) was canceled and rescheduled two days later, putting the entire trip at risk, Mr. Robert was able to help us change the itinerary without missing a single scheduled activity. Incredible! While we were in Lower Zambezi, we suddenly decided to go three days to Victoria Falls. Robert, within two hours, organized all the transfers and the resort, taking care in the meantime to get us refund for the two nights lost in Lusaka. Never before have I been assisted in such a professional and friendly way in my previous travels. Among other things, he could also have organized trips in combination with neighboring countries (Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana), having direct contacts. The surprise? While we were in South Luangwa, he came in person to meet us and find out how the journey was progressing. Incredible! Briefly a note on Zambia. it is truly an incredible country. Its people are so friendly and hospitable that you immediately feel like a genuine Zambian. I never felt any sense of danger. In fact, the country is considered among the safest in the world for travel. Landscapes take your breath away. Nature is majestic. Here you can really see anything: wildogs (herd of 20 specimens with cubs), dozens of leopards and cubs, lions and lionesses, different scenes of lions and leopards hunting, huge herds of hippos, huge herds of elephants, birds of extraordinary beauty, including the crowned crane and secretary bird. One negative note: unfortunately having had to go home and leave this extraordinary country that has given me unforgettable moments that will remain forever etched in my mind and in my heart. So I would recommend both visiting Zambia and doing it with Absolute Zambia Safaris. Have a good trip!
One of the best safari operators Absolute Safaris is one of the best operators I have ever encountered - Robert managed to do an incredible thing and organise my custom 11 days Luangwa trip in Zambia at the shortest possible notice ( literally few days before arrival)! My trip was absolutely wonderful, everything worked perfectly and I loved every moment on the safari. I have had so many wonderful wildlife sightings, and all the camps were in beautiful locations, very comfortable with great service and very professional guiding. Truly one of the best safaris of my life ( I have spent most of it in Africa). My big thanks to Absolute Safaris, for their professionalism and outstanding customer service. Will definitely be back.

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