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Liwonde National Park

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Liwonde National Park perhaps the most famous of all the game parks. It is about 100 miles northward of Blantyre,  only half that distance from the hotels on the lakeshore., game viewing is magnified because the River Shire flows along its western border, supporting boat safaris as well as the typical ones on foot or in 4 x4s.

Wildlife includes quite a large number of elephants, and the river attracts countless hippos and crocodiles. Antelope include Kudu, sable, and bushbuck. There are leopards and hyena and the occasional visiting lion. The black rhino re-introduced. Birdlife is exceptionally varied. The river brings fish eagles and weaver birds to build their nests in the small woodland. Pel’s fishing owl is often viewed.

Accommodation is fantastic with the luxury Mvuu Lodge and nearby Mvuu Camp as well as a campsite, all along the Shire’s bank and well inside the park. To reach the riverside lodge, visitors can request by road and then be transported across the river; they can drive into the park or a booked boat from Liwonde town.