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We offer specially customized 4x4 vehicles to make your dream trip happen. Our 4x4s are meticulously maintained and perfect for serious African adventures, including: upgraded suspension for off-road use, two spacious rooftop tents (room for 4 adults), dual battery systems to provide the power you need, long-range fuel tanks and two spare tires, camping refrigerators, and all necessary camping equipment, and safety and rescue gear, including satellite emergency communication. With all this, we ensure you can have as much adventure...or serious relaxation... as you can handle. For a list of all included equipment With the hire of our fully-kitted 4x4s bush ready vehicles, we have different options for you: With self-drive adventures were you all the control. You plan, you drive, you make it happen. While will offer expert advice. Drivers and/or guides to assist on itineraries that you plan yourself, or customized itinerary planning support so you don't have to do a thing except show up and take off. Vehicle delivery/return. We're based in Zambia but can likely deliver your 4x4 to suit your itinerary. In case you have a vehicle and want an adventure without buying all the gear? We've got you covered with: 3-person and 4-person ground tents for hire, camping gear kits for hire, including all the basics you'll need We are here to help you have an unforgettable African experience from Planning your itinerary to 4x4 Safari Campers

4x4 Safari Camper

Our Fully Equipped 4x4 Safari Campers includes;

  • Fully equipped 4x4 Double-Cab Pick-up
  • Diesel
  • Choose from Self-drive or guided Tours
  • One or two rooftop tents
  • Unlimited Mileage

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