Working with renowned wildlife photographer Isak Pretorius, the Bushcamp Company has designed and built the ultimate photographic vehicle to offer wildlife photographers those low angles they have always dreamt of. The unique design is a one-of-a-kind offering that includes ample space for two photographers to lie down on a low, flat, and soft-padded surface.

Mfuwe Lodge , South Luangwa National Park

What does the design include?

The side panels of a conventional safari vehicle have been stripped away to extend the space and freedom of movement for the photographers.

The canopy is designed to offer protection from the sun and rain, whilst maintaining unobstructed views to the front and the side.

With storage space for camera bags and lenses under the seats, photographers can lie down comfortably for an eye-level view of their favourite subjects. 

With the emergence of mirrorless cameras and their swivel screens, it is possible to hold your camera down the side of the vehicle for an even lower angle. This allows a ground-level photo with a long lens from the safety of the vehicle and without disturbing the animals - something that could never be done before on a game drive vehicle.

The Bushcamp Company Photo Vehicle is, furthermore, fitted with a second battery and inverter for charging batteries whilst on a game drive.

Giraffes in South Luangwa National Park

Wildlife photographers always dream of ways to take their photography to the next level - or in this case the lower level! - and this exclusive vehicle allows them to do just that.

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