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Absolute Zambia Safaris is a Zambia-based, and owner-managed travel, tours, and safari company. We founded the company after extensive travel throughout our beautiful country Zambia. We have grown our passion for Zambia and Africa through multiple visits from various African countries, and we have decided to share our love, passion, and experience with other travellers.

We specialize in bespoke and private guided safaris in Zambia and Southern Africa, including Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. We are your agent during the planning and execution of your custom safari trip to Zambia and beyond, and we are fully independent and self-sufficient. That is why we do not direct you to a particular place. Our main aim is to create a safari that meets your needs while staying within your budget and interests.

We cater to a wide range of tastes, interests, and budgets. Absolute Zambia Safaris offers a variety of safaris, including exclusive fly-in safaris, honeymoon safaris, family safaris, photographic safaris, canoeing safaris, private-guided safaris, self-drive safaris, and camping safaris. We are dedicated to creating your dream vacation in Zambia and beyond, regardless of your desires or budget.

Our Mission Statement

At Absolute Zambia Safari we believe in:

  • Efficiently Dealing with Our Customers (Tour Operators, Clients and Suppliers)
  • Working With Our Tour Operators to Create Perfect, Individual Itineraries and To Meet the Clients’ Interests and Budgets.
  • Taking The Time to Really Understand What Our Clients’ Needs So That We Can Satisfy Their Requirements.
  • Being Specialists in Safari and Travel, So That We Can Advise, Inspire and Guide Our Clients Through Every Step of The Booking Process.
  • Providing Peace of Mind to Our Clients With 24/7 Emergency Assistance from A Qualified Specialist Available While They Are with Us.
  • Anticipating All of Our Client’s Possible Needs and Expectations
  • Being Passionate and Proud About the Country and Products That We Are Selling Offering the First-Class Experience, So the Same Specialist Handles Your Trip from Start to Finish.


Absolute Zambia Safaris aims to become Zambia’s best and most trustworthy travel agency. We aim to operate sustainably in partnership with our suppliers and the communities we touch.

Our team is committed to offering a personalised service unique to each guest and delighting them, right from our first hello to our last goodbye.


We Are Committed to:

VALUING RELATIONSHIPS: We Truly Value Our Relationships with Our Customers, Partners, Communities and Our Environment. Achieving Our Vision of a Sustainable Business Is Only Possible Through Longstanding, Authentic Relationships. We Believe That Establishing, Valuing and Nurturing These Relationships Is the Key to The Satisfaction of Our Customers and The Success of Our Business.

HONESTY: Reputations Are Hard to Win While Very Easy to Lose. We Place Huge Importance on Integrity & Honesty Throughout Our Organization. That's Why We Carry Out Our Business in Line with The Very Highest Ethical Standards. We Always Listen to Our Customers and Strive to Meet Their Expectations by Delivering on Our Promises.

INNOVATION: We're Continually Searching for New Ideas and Innovative Solutions to Achieve Efficiency While Serving Our Clients.

PASSION: We're Passionate About Zambia. Africa, Travel, Life and Excellence. We Give 100% In Everything We Do, And We're Dedicated to Our Customers and Our Partners.

KNOWLEDGE: A Local Zambian Company and Team, With Over 20 Years of Combined Local Experience, We're Experts in Zambia. We Know It's Landscapes, It's People and Its Wildlife. We're Committed to Sharing That Knowledge with You So That You Too, Can Get to Know Our Stunning Country.

FLEXIBILITY: We Offer Customized Itineraries That Are Unique to Each Client. We Aim to Meet Your Interests and Requirements and Were Always at Your Service, 24/7.